Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic Tiling near Taunton

The Mosaic Tiling in this large country manor house looked great.

This large grade 2 listed manor house has had a complete refurbishment.

The new owners wanted a tile that was in keeping with the stature of the building.

Therefore, they chose these marble mosaic floor tiles from original style.

Original Style has some great floor tiles and they have a showroom in Exeter.

I tiled 5 bathrooms with these gorgeous marble mosaic floor tiles.

However, some of the bathrooms were a challenge, as they have timber floors.

The timber floors required overboarding with 18mm wbp plywood.

I then fixed a decoupling membrane over the plywood.

My customers thought that the Mosaic Tiling looked great.

I love working with natural stone. These marble tiles looked particularly elegant!

Marble Mosaic Pros

Style: It’s a classy and elegant tile and i love to work with them.

Unique: Every single piece of marble tile used in every single floor is one of a kind, and there is no other like it anywhere in the world.

Natural: The look of a marble floor can bring elegance and dignity to any room.

Translucence: I love the translucence of marble. This can make floor tiles seem to almost glow when the sun hits them just right. The illuminated effect is much more pronounced in white and lighter colored materials.

Radiant Heat: Marble is a great conductor of heat, making it eligible for a variety of underfloor heating systems to be installed. I love the feel of underfloor heating when I’m sat on the loo!

Marble Mosaic Tiling Cons

Scratches: Marble however is actually a relatively soft material that can be scraped, scratched, and chipped.  Please bear in mind that scratches cannot be easily repaired without replacing the damaged material completely.

Acid Stains: Marble is a base on the PH scale, which means that it will have a chemical reaction whenever it comes in contact with acidic substances. Unfortunately, the stains that come from these processes are permanent.

Water Damage: Natural stone is porous, and marble is prone to water penetration. Water penetration can be prevented by applying a chemical sealer but it’s never 100%. For optimal protection, apply it annually.

Cracks: Being relatively soft, marble floor tiles can suffer from cracks, breaks, and chips.

Price: Marble mosaic tiling is not cheap. Generally, they fall on the high-end range as far as natural stone costs, while having a shorter lifespan than harder, more durable materials like slate and granite.


I would love these tiles in my home. Wouldn’t you?

Sure, they are expensive, however, they look truly awesome.

Call James Perry and he will give you a quote. James can advise on suitability and procedure in addition to costs.

James will measure up and give you an estimation of cost and timescale.

You will always receive quality work from James Perry Decorating & Tiling.