limestone floor tiles

//limestone floor tiles

limestone floor tiles

limestone floor tiles

These beautiful limestone floor tiles looked amazing in this kitchen.

You can get them at Original Style in Exeter, Devon.

I love the elegant, yet rustic effect that limestone floor tiles give.

This was one of three floors that i tiled in an old farmhouse.

The floors were all out of level and the customer wanted a tile to accentuate this.


Why choose limestone floor tiles ?

Ok, they are not cheap, either to buy or to install.

They also require maintenance.

Natural limestone requires a little more love and care, and they must be sealed to help protect them from dirt and moisture. And, occasionally, you will have to use specialist cleaning products to keep them looking as fresh as the day you installed them.

Real natural stone carries an elegance and softness that breathes a little exclusivity into your home; so some yearly maintenance is a small price to pay to impress your guests.