Floor Tiler Taunton

Floor Tiler Taunton

Floor Tiler Taunton

Floor Tiler Taunton. James Perry Decorating & Tiling are tilers based in Taunton, Somerset. Let us quote for all of your tiling and painting & decorating needs. No matter how large the project, we can deliver. We work hard and have earned our reputation. Furthermore with our 35 years of experience we have faced every situation. Whether its intricate mosaics or large flagstones, we have laid them all.

We are tiling specialists based in Taunton, Somerset. Floor tiler Taunton –  despite our small size we can handle large tiling contracts. Our tilers are well trained and very experienced. We prefer to work close to Taunton, but will however work further afield.

Professional Tilers in Taunton.

If you need a floor tiler Taunton, look no further. Google search our name – James Perry Decorating & Tiling. Then click on images. You will see many images of jobs that we have recently done. This will give you an idea of the type of work we do. And also the quality that you can expect. Furthermore we don’t cut corners. We do it by the book so to speak. As a result we never have to go back to a job and put it right. If a floor tiler Taunton is what you need please call us today. You will be happy you did.

Wall and Floor Tiling in Taunton.

Not just a floor tiler Taunton. We carry out all types of tiling and are natural stone specialists. Bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, conservatory tiling. We do it all! Our floor tilers and wall tilers are insured with £2 million public liability insurance. In our thirty five years of trading we have never made a claim. We are proud of this fact. Please give us a call and we will give you a free survey and quotation.