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External painting

The external painting on this very large family home near Wellington, Somerset, made a great transformation.

Masonry painting & decorating

Firstly i applied fungicide to all affected areas.

I then  pressure washed it in its entirety.

Despite some heavy buildup of algae, this process always guarantees 100% removal.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that algae spores can remain under the paint film.

If untreated however, they can grow and cause the paint film to fail.

I then stabilise all bare substrate making sure that even very small areas are not missed.

Am i thorough ? Yes i am. This is why my external painting jobs will always last.

I then touch up all stabilised areas with an extra coat of masonry paint.

The walls are now ready for two full coats of Dulux weathershield magnolia masonry paint.

I apply the first coat thinned 5% and the second coat unthinned with a long pile roller.

It always looks great when applying masonry paint thickly.

Don’t ever try to be mean with it. It never pays long term.

Woodwork painting

I remove all loose paint and prime all bare areas.

I then fill with 2 part epoxy filler and caulk any expansion areas.

After this i apply two coats of undercoat and 1 coat of gloss.

I rub down between each coat and always like to use two undercoats however.

With two coats of undercoat a good depth is achieved and this shows in the finish gloss coat.


Why do my external painting  jobs outlast my competitors ?

I never cut corners. If i have to do that then it’s time to pack up.

Sure, i’m not the cheapest, but also however, i’m not the dearest either.

I have been doing this job professionally for 35 years and i really know what lasts.

I will always do a great and thorough job. It’s in my DNA !