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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting And Decorating.

Exterior painting and decorating services. Ask us to quote for your exterior decorating. We have over 35 years’ experience and have painted hundreds of houses. Despite it being winter, now is the time to book us in. There is generally a 12-week window of the best weather per year. Make sure you get your project painted within this time. If you leave it to late spring to decide, it will normally be too late. Most decent decorators will be booked up! Call us for a quote and we will book you in with best weather. Every year we receive calls from customers in the summer asking for an exterior painting quote. We are generally fully booked by then however. We don’t work outside after September. This is because of damp and cold.

Exterior Painting that lasts.

James Perry Decorating and Tiling never cut corners. Despite our competitive pricing, we do it by the book. As a result, our work lasts! This is what keeps us busy. Word of mouth and repeat customers account for 60% of our exterior painting work. Our work still looks good in 5-7 years.

Access equipment

We have our own access equipment including numerous alloy tower platforms, ladders etc. We also have free use of ridge platforms and roofing ladders etc, courtesy of Glowing Stoves. Good access makes exterior painting so much easier.

Quality exterior decorating materials.

James Perry Decorating and Tiling will never use cheap paint or materials. When you consider that around 80% of the price is normally labour, it does not make sense to use poor quality materials. Cheap materials never last. Using cheap supermarket paint is a bad idea. It doesn’t cover well and has very little depth to it. We generally use Dulux Trade on exterior painting projects. It’s a great range and we know the products well.