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Exterior Painting and Decorating covering Taunton and Somerset.

Exterior Painting and Decorating. We carry out all aspects of exterior painting and decorating. Large masonry projects are a speciality.

Furthermore we are experienced in Painting and Decorating exterior properties. James Perry has been decorating for over 35 years.

However, having worked on almost every type of building, we know what it takes for a long lasting job.

For all kinds of exterior painting and decorating. Coupled with all types of wall and floor tiling.

Your walls can be prepared by treating with fungicide, pressure washing and sealing. Finally followed by a quality masonry paint. We also carry out small masonry repairs. For large masonry repairs we recommend Nigel Murphy. They are based in Watchet, Somerset.

Outside decor is against the weather. If exterior painting and decorating is done correctly, it will last. It will also look great. We often have a ten year cycle. Some properties we have painted four times. We must be doing something right! Generally speaking, our customers stay with us. Over time we get to know the property. This can be very useful.

Consequently if it’s not done correctly it won’t last long. There is only one way and that’s the right way.

Accordingly cheap isn’t always cheapest ! So the saying goes.

Airless Spraying –

Using the Graco 695 airless spray system. It is the sprayer of choice for spray professionals and moreover will run two guns.

A great piece of kit however and leaves a superb finish. Because of setting up, cleaning out etc we only spray large projects. Often the setup time takes longer than the spraying. Windows, doors, roofs, gutters etc all need masking. This can be time consuming. A non windy day is also needed.

We’ll recommend the best products for each exterior painting and decorating project. James Perry has a lot of experience. We often use Farrow and Ball, Dulux, Crown, Johnstones, Sandtex etc. We only use trade paint. Retail paint is never as good. Besides which it doesn’t last as long.

Whether it’s a small cottage, country house or a mansion. Indeed we will carry out the work to the highest standards. We are particularly fussy. If we cannot do the job well, we don’t want the job. Simple.

Access towers.

Furthermore we can supply most types of  access equipment. Additionally, we have our own access towers. These are particularly good for those tricky areas. They are available for hire.

We often work on Listed Buildings and period properties. We have worked on many historic properties over the years. Please ask for more info.

Commercial Exterior Painting and Decorating.

When it comes to commercial businesses, the finish of the decor reflects the quality of the service.

If your shop looks great from the outside, customers will walk through your door. We often see empty shops with a tatty facade. As a result they have a small footfall. By and large, if your storefront looks great, in short, you will get more custom. In summary, you can charge more.

As with domestic decorating projects, we take care to work sensitively with the customers needs. Albeit with the minimum fuss. This often means working weekends. Occasionally we also work through the night. Some projects demand this.

Besides all of the above, we offer a wall tiling and floor tiling service. See our wall and floor tiling page for examples. Otherwise please go to google images.

Painters, Decorators and Tilers.

Under one roof !

In summary.

Generally speaking the exterior painting and decorating working season is relatively short.

Therefore if you need your project painted, please call as soon as possible. We can then book you in.

All in all, if you need quality exterior painting and decorating in the Taunton area please call James Perry now. You will be glad that you did! Basically our work covers a twenty mile radius. However, from time to time, we sometimes work further afield.

Please search the internet for James Perry Decorating and Tiling. Click on images and you will get a good overall picture of our work. Every picture that you see with our name is ours and taken by us. Likewise we never copy other peoples images. By the same token we also never ask for fake reviews

Call us for a quality exterior painting and decorating job. Furthermore we are happy to offer advice whether or not you use our services. We will never be the cheapest. However we win almost all quotes on a like for like basis.

We are fully insured. We have £2 million public liability. Please ask to see this.


 Exterior Painting and Decorating